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The act of bisociation

This work will argue that mediums have a profound effect on the inner processes of creativity. In order to approach this wicked, complex problem I ask us to identify two parts to our identity – the ‘average’ and the ‘learner’. These are not different people, but two opposing heuristics we all hold. The first asks the world, and its knowledge: what to do, what is common, what is proper, what do people like me do. The latter writes new ways of being, new ways of conducting and more importantly new definition of the term ‘people like me’.

Autonomous technologies are a threat to millions of jobs, from blue collar truck drivers and field workers to white collar radiologists and compliance analysts. One in six Americans thinks that their job will be affected, yet we do little to think about the role that creative thinking can play in enabling individuals to survive this shift.

This work will create a taxonomy to identify these two main heuristics and look for mediums which dynamicize this status quo, in a way that augments the self in the process.